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Global Properties & Facilities Taskforce


The Global Property & Facilities Taskforce will enable global property leaders to consistently deliver the standards of accessibility and usability which every responsible business needs.

Property & Facilities professionals are already tasked with making buildings work cost effectively for everyone. However, the vital criteria of ‘accessibility’ and ‘usability’ – which have a profound impact on any global business seeking to access talent, enhance productivity, and reduce risk and costs – are often overlooked.

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The Business Drivers

  • The are no global accessibility standards relevant to business needs. Companies are dependent on compliance with inadequate, outdated and inconsistent local building codes
  • Lack of defined best practice leads to lost productivity and inconsistent treatment of customers and colleagues, plus costs associated with expensive retro-fitting linked to risk mitigation
  • Collaboration is the most effective route to define best practice. Best practice allows property leaders to attain consistent high performance from their property portfolio worldwide, and transform legal obligation to business benefit.
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The Global Imperative

  • The world is ageing. As global thought-leaders, Taskforce members will help their organisations to anticipate the accessible built environment that meets the needs of disabled and older people worldwide, and delivers against growing public expectations.
  • The obligations set out in the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities will lead to proliferation of inconsistent building codes and regulation at national level, and an associated increase in legal, reputational and operational risk. Organisations will need clear guidance on global best practice.
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Establishing early priorities for the Global Property and Facilities Taskforce

Global Property & Facilities Taskforce members will work to collectively agree their priority areas of focus.

Examples of Taskforce deliverables could include:


Gap Analysis tools – e.g. ‘How accessible is your building?’ checklists to cover building design, maintenance, staff training, emergency egress, etc.


A Global Resources Directory of specialised access auditors and consultants at national and global level

Guides & Training:

  • Guides on working with user testing via Access Advisory Groups
  • Extensive Training Resources
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How will membership of the Global Property and Facilities Taskforce benefit your business?

  • Peer-to-peer collaboration and learning among senior property and facilities leaders from multiple sectors
  • Bringing together constructors, occupiers and policy-makers will support implementation of best practice
  • Achieve competitive advantage by anticipating customer and workforce expectations, and proactively managing the costs, risk and complexity associated with mere compliance with inconsistent national legislation

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