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More than 1 billion people globally are disabled.

Global business experiences the systemic impact of disability like no other institution or stakeholder.

Your performance on disability can have a profound effect on your customers and colleagues, your risk and reputation, how you source talent and provide goods and services.

Do you understand how disability impacts your business performance?

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Working with our Founders GSK, Barclays and Infosys we have developed the bdi Charter.

The Charter provides a strategic roadmap grounded in 10 Fundamentals, identifying priority areas for action. Each area is underpinned by practical tools and shared learning to enable global business to work together, navigate complexity and become disability confident.

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What our Founders say …

Sir Andrew Witty

Sir Andrew Witty
CEO, GSK Founding Chair, business disability international

“I see great potential for this initiative to do for disability in business what the Paralympics achieves for disability in sport.”

Ashok Vaswani

Ashok Vaswani
CEO, Barclays UK Global Executive Sponsor – Barclays Disability Agenda

“This is fundamental to our business model. In our experience, when we get things right for people with disabilities, we improve life for everybody. Our focus on disability is core to our business.”

Pravin Rao

Pravin Rao
Chief Operating Officer, Member of the Board, Infosys Ltd Chief Sponsor – Diversity & Inclusiveness Agenda, Infosys Ltd

“Working with bdi to build the disability confidence of our business is the right thing for everybody. Disability confidence leads to greater inclusivity, enabling us to attract and retain the best talent and be recognised as a provider of choice to our customers.”