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More than 1 billion people globally have a disability. And the number grows every day.

The potential for these individuals to contribute fully at work and within wider society is reduced not by their ‘disability,’ but by constraints in the world around them. By the attitudes and assumptions of others, and by the physical, legal and procedural obstacles in their environment. We consider the existence of such constraints to be ‘Old Brain’ thinking.

We enable organisations to adapt for human reality and to deliver consistent and respectful best practice. We call this best practice ‘Disability Confidence,’ a term originally conceived by our CEO, Susan Scott Parker and since adopted around the world.

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Disability Confidence

Language is important when it comes to disability. If the mere word ‘disability’ makes you uncomfortable, how can you and your organisation function? How will you effectively access diverse talent, increase the productivity of an entire workforce, design usable and efficient products and services and enhance the experience of every customer?

Being disability confident is about being able and willing to effectively manage a spectrum of human needs.

When organisations get this right, it can bring enormous business and personal benefit.

We achieve this by creating powerful connections between global business and the disability ‘ecosystem’ of disabled people’s organisations, governments, public policy makers NGOs and thought leaders.

Over 30 years experience

We believe that global business can be a positive force to drive change and tackle complex social and economic problems.

We have over thirty years of experience understanding and addressing disability as it affects business and commercial performance. This comprehensive understanding leaves us uniquely positioned to kick-start unexpected and mind-opening conversations. Through this constructive collaboration and our transformative, tailored solutions, bdi helps business, governments, NGOs and disabled people’s organisations come together to collectively build a more successful, productive and inclusive future for all.

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