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Global Taskforce Programme


As part of its suite of membership offerings, bdi is now giving businesses the opportunity to join functional global Taskforces focused on developing and delivering best practices in accessibility and inclusion within specific functional areas. These Taskforces will enable functional leaders and experts to drive systemic improvement across their spheres of influence at global, regional, and national levels.

The first Taskforce in the programme is Procurement (please select below), with later offerings likely to include Properties and Facilities, Customers, Recruitment, and Workplace Adjustments, among others.

Global Procurement Taskforce

 The Global Taskforce Programme will give members the opportunity to:

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Join a unique ‘network of networks’ linking functional leaders, international standard setters, and people with disabilities

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Minimise the organisational risks (legal, financial and reputational) associated with delivering an inconsistent response to the 1 billion+ disabled people worldwide

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Raise their profile as thought leaders, pioneers and standard setters, and become ambassadors with global institutions and stakeholder networks

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Shape bdi strategic objectives and determine the Taskforce work programme

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Attend four meetings a year per Taskforce, and participate in sub-group activities

Each Taskforce will add value by :

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Working to define what ‘good disability practice’ looks like for its respective functional area, and what national leaders need from Head Office to minimise the risks associated with a compliance culture at national level

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Developing a functional charter for Taskforce members to sign up to, providing a simple framework to easily deliver cost-effective organisational change in that area

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Completing a gap analysis and co-creating the maturity models, self-assessment tools, and tailored toolkits which drive business improvement

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Creating a unique, facilitated learning exchange which enables peer-to-peer collaboration, while learning directly from people with disabilities and subject-matter experts

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Where relevant, lobbying suppliers and stakeholders to transform and improve their practices

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Raising the profile of its members through comprehensive communications activities to promote the work of the Taskforce

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Active participation in the Taskforce can take several forms.

Please contact us directly to discuss how you and your organisation can get involved in an appropriate and meaningful way.

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