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Global Procurement Taskforce


The Global Procurement Taskforce will enable ‘disability confident’ procurement of products and services. Procurement has a profound impact on the ability of any corporation to deliver positive customer experiences, develop new products and services, source talent, increase employee wellbeing and productivity, and make a commercial return. However, the crucial and systemic role of procurement, which influences and interacts with so many other parts of an organisation, has been largely overlooked.

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The Business Drivers

  • There is very little which meets the needs of a responsible global procurement team seeking to enable business excellence in this domain
  • There is no usable, practical guidance on how to address the disability / accessibility performance dimension of procurement
  • There are no tailored toolkits, useful benchmarks, maturity models, or learning networks to accelerate improvement
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The Global Imperative

  • 160 countries have ratified the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). The obligations set out in the CRPD impact any private sector supplier who delivers a public service. bdi has been invited to work with UN agencies and international donor organisations to provide guidance for businesses regarding the implications of the Convention
  • A Taskforce of senior procurement professionals is uniquely placed to provide guidance on the procurement of public sector services from private sector companies, to ensure that governments meet their obligations under CRPD
  • There is an exciting opportunity for the Global Procurement Taskforce to make it easier for both suppliers and public sector procurement worldwide to navigate complexities, while raising the profile of Taskforce members as responsible and innovative thought leaders
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The first Global Procurement Taskforce project:
The accessible IT tendering toolkit

The Taskforce is currently poised to pilot the accessible IT tendering toolkit and is seeking additional members to join the pilot. This work has been welcomed as groundbreaking by G3ict, the UN-related body which encourages governments to meet their ‘e-discrimination’-related obligations under the Convention.


To enable global, regional, and national procurement professionals to routinely purchase accessible and usable IT and IT-related services.

The toolkit will include:

  • The rationale for greater accessibility / usability
  • A guide and explanation of how to use the scorecard
  • A scorecard with recommended weightings

The end result:

A bdi ‘accessible IT tendering’ toolkit, designed by procurement professionals, to make it easier to procure accessible and usable technology and to enable consistent and best procurement practices worldwide.

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How will membership of the Global Procurement Taskforce benefit your business?

  • Peer-to-peer collaboration among procurement leaders from multiple sectors
  • Managing risks (financial, reputational, opportunity) associated with key suppliers adversely affecting the organisation’s ability to do business with, and to employ, disabled and older people
  • Competitive advantage from anticipating the proliferation of accessibility, human rights, and disability procurement-related standards such as those from the EU relating to ITC and the built environment

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