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Simon has his own personal experience of disability, being of short stature and of limited mobility. He works in the UK and internationally with organisations as diverse as the BBC, Barclays, Buckingham Palace, Ernst & Young, Lloyds Banking Group, Motability Operations and Nationwide.

Simon has delivered training and consultancy in the field of equalities since 1997. Specialising in disability, he has a Post Graduate Diploma in Disability Management at Work.

A keen traveler, Simon has worked with airports and airlines to help improve their service to disabled and older customers.

Simon is highly creative, helping to improve the portrayal of disabled people on-screen and has worked with the BBC, Channel 4, Five and Sky Television. He’s produced numerous videos and co-produced and performed in the sell- out Edinburgh Fringe comedy show Abnormally Funny People in 2005, returning again in 2015. He guest hosts BBC Ouch podcast.

Simon Minty

As well as being an Associate to bdi, he is also an Associate to and the Business Disability Forum. He also helped establish the Disability Media Alliance Project in California. His ‘evening job’ is a producer of the comedy troupe, Abnormally Funny People, which he co-founded.