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Yves’ career in IBM started in 1992 and has taken him through various roles, including Diversity Leader of IBM Canada. His most recent appointment was in 2014 when he became Global Disability & Inclusion Program Manager, tasked with facilitating the inclusion of employees with different abilities, to improve IBM’s existing programs as well as identifying existing inhibitors to a successful work experience.

In 2007, in addition to his role with the persons with disabilities community, he took up the role of Cross Generational Program Manager. He worked on building a framework that facilitates the creation of values for IBM and its clients through employee engagement, collaboration effectiveness, career paths and knowledge management for all of the generations in the workforce.

Yves is the author of a book published in France “Les Roues de l’Infortune”, also available in English under the title; ‘Turning Point – the Fall and Rise,’ in which he explains, through his own experience, what it means to become disabled after an accident, the psychological consequences and the impact on the social and professional life. He also explains how to enable other people, including employers, to become disability confident.

Yves Veulliet