Announcing a New International Collaboration Grounded in Shared Values and a Shared Vision

LONDON, England – June, 2016 – Mental Health International (MHI) and business disability international (bdi) have agreed to work together on an international agenda to advance healthy, productive and safe work environments.

This collaboration comes at a time when the links between mental and physical disorders are increasingly well-known clinically and must become better known and understood among employers, employees and their families.
Major health and economic research institutions have reported extensively on how depression can complicate the course of major chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and even recovery from workplace injuries.

bdi is a unique global business consortium galvanizing the power of multinational organisations to define and deliver a new global standard in disability confidence and business performance, including building more successful, productive, efficient and inclusive workplaces.

In Europe and North America, and, later this year, India, MHI is dedicated to workplace mental health and leads a business-driven Pan-European initiative called TARGET Mental Health focused on bringing employers together to work on mental health issues. bdi and MHI will collaborate on the design of an Employer Exchange for this purpose.

bdi founder and CEO Susan Scott-Parker and MHI Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Bill Wilkerson said the two groups’ principal aim is to promote collaboration among employers and “bridge the gaps in employer and employee understanding of the cross-over effects between the physical, mental and emotional aspects of employee health, wellbeing, disability, injury and illness.”

bdi and MHI will report further on their new collaboration.

Please view this interesting KPMG report about inadequate access to mental health care across the Globe.