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Achievements we are proud of:

One-to-one Targeted Projects

Projects with individual organisations e.g. Recruitment…

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Old brain, new brain animation

Supported by EY. Ground breaking animation that challenges us to …

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Global Procurement Taskforce

Comprised of senior procurement leaders from various global companies …

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Learning Directly from Disabled People

Our inaugural publication is designed as an innovative and …

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The bdi Charter

Ten ‘fundamentals’ that provide a road map for …

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Establishing sustainable business disability networks

Strategic advisor to governments, NGOs …

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Member of the GLAD Steering Group

Advising a multilateral group including the UN, World Bank and …

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Expert Advisor to Essl Foundation Zero Project

Monitoring the impact of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability …

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We know that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Just as individuals with disabilities differ, so do the interventions or resources that we co-develop with our clients and partners to enhance business performance and inclusion.

We work across diverse geographical, cultural and legal contexts to deliver appropriate tailored solutions that draw on decades of expertise working with commercial, governmental and philanthropic organisations.

An organisation that is not confident about disability – confident in how it sources and employs talent, in how it designs and provides products and services, and in how it engages its customers – stands to lose out both commercially and reputationally.

There is a compelling business and ethical rationale for learning how to enable everyone to contribute to business success, including people with disabilities , and those not yet disabled. We can no longer afford the waste of human potential that results when we make assumptions about each other on the basis of labels, particularly medical labels. Watch our animation ‘Old Brain or New brain’.

Few businesses truly understand the commercial benefits that flow from delivering the best practice that we brand: Disability Confidence.

We pride ourselves on our ability to link together our extensive global networks in the private and public sector, to identify the right connections, and collectively create the most appropriate interventions to transform the disability performance of global business- whilste transforming the life chances of so many.

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