How to lift barriers for disabled employees

We are delighted to have contributed to an article featured in today’s UK Financial Times newspaper on How to Lift Barriers For Disabled Employees. The article also includes Yves Veulliet from IBM who is one of our Associates Worldwide, and our colleagues at Microlink with whom we work closely on a number of projects. Excerpt below.

“As an IBM consultant based in Brussels, Yves Veulliet, who uses a wheelchair, often travelled on business.

However, one trip stood out. He asked his hotel to reserve a wheelchair accessible taxi at Berlin airport and was met by a driver in a smart white tunic, displaying a card with his name.

It was only when they reached “a white van with a red stripe and blue flashing lights” that the reason for his driver’s attire became apparent. The receptionist had booked an ambulance, not a taxi, to convey him to the hotel — and his startled clients, waiting in the lobby, watched his arrival.

Mr Veulliet, who now leads IBM’s global disability and inclusion work,… “ read the full article here

Image of Financial Times article as seen on website